Friday, January 20, 2012

Philip Taaffe

I go through phases were i am completely hypnotised by colour and pattern and other times I am drawn to some what more dreary,subtle palettes. Recently I have been enjoying pattern and colour and was reminded yesterday of the work of Philip Taaffe, which is right up my alley at the moment. I went to see his exhibition at IMMA last year and it was overwhelming but amazing at the same time.

Philip Taaffe (born 1955) is an American artist. Taaffe was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and studied at the Cooper Union in New York, gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1977. An admirer of Matisse’s cut-outs and of Synthetic Cubism, from the mid 1980s he began to borrow images and designs directly from more recent artists. In We Are Not Afraid (1985), he develops Barnett Newman’s zip motif into a spiral; the title is a reply to Newman’s series of paintings Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue (1966–70). In Defiance (1986), he reinterprets work by Bridget Riley.

'An artist makes something to be physically experienced by another person. It’s a raw, freely chosen, interpersonal relationship between the maker and the viewer, so it’s close to what a musical composer does, or a poet or a dancer. It is something that is coming out of one’s inner being.' Diego CORTEZ: A Conversation with Philip Taaffe, 2009, New York City