Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charles Ladson

Charles Ladson's
canvases are painterly in the most traditional sense yet their subject matter is at times a little disconcerting. He adeptly mixes conventional aspects of painting - texture, layering, transparency, detail, perspective - to create contemporary images.

Ladson doesn't spend energy on an "artist's statement", he doesn't have an initial plan or try to analyze what his canvases mean - he just paints and does it expertly. When asked about his work, Ladson allows us to interpret what we see without his influence.

Ancient Questions

A beautiful tune by Mount Eerie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Montana 94

After recently using spray paint in my painting practice, I found it difficult to control and it was a strain on my wrists...I have a new found respect for these guys..they make it look so easy...

Elisabeth Condon

Elisabeth Condon , a visual artist, overlays her native Los Angeles with places she has lived and traveled in landscapes where Yuan Dynasty scrolls meet the Flintstones.

Her paintings, collages and drawings use improvisational pours of paint, sketchbook drawings and digital projections to establish idiosyncratic compositions. Heeding the Tang Dynasty dictum of landscape as a fusion of observation and memory, they interweave external and internal perceptions of particular locations. Working in oil, acrylic and ink, Condon vacillates between pattern and form, treating space like a scroll that is cut into sections then layered upon each other.