Thursday, December 15, 2011

Katharina Grosse / Graffiti

The Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse is known for her immense installations that examine how painting functions in an expanded field.

In this intereview Katharina Grosse says.... "There is no connection to graffiti, I don't mark areas, signifying that its mine. Graffiti is actually marking possessions, its making claims on certain areas, saying , if you go into that area you are actually trespassing, where as my work is about the opposite, it's about, inviting people to trespass, and the freedom that is implied with that activity."

Maybe contemporary artists are too quick to dismiss graffiti as an important art form. Graffiti artists have been making contemporary site specific painting installations for years,whether it is in the gallery setting or outside in the public space.

Graffiti/graphic artist Matt M Moore

Graffiti/graphic artist Barry Mcgee

Graffiti/graphic artists Os Gemeos

Graffiti/graphic artist Delta

And not to mention the artist from my last post....ZEDZ