Sunday, January 1, 2012

Graham Chorlton

GRAHAM CHORLTON is based in England, in the West Midlands, but he has shown work in Ireland on several occasions. Mark St John Ellis included him in a group exhibition, The Obsessive Garden , and he’s been an award-winning exhibitor at the RHA Annual exhibition.

Chorlton collects postcards, and the postcards serve as the basis for his paintings. For the most part they are not conventionally scenic views, though he does have a penchant for cherry blossom and other flowering trees. Otherwise he depicts anonymous urban settings, including city centre expanses and more isolated modernist blocks that look like the kind of architecture you usually encounter on the urban periphery.
They are ordinary places, presumably densely inhabited, but we don’t see much of the inhabitants – a single, distant car on the road, perhaps – and the mood of the images is tinged with a gentle, reflective melancholy. Often scenes are glimpsed by night. Chorlton likes the misty fluorescence of garage forecourts and the pools of artificial light that dissolve the hard edges of deserted city streets.