Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Andrew Bick

Andrew Bick's works are executed in a combination of oil paint, marker pen, wax, acrylic paint and Perspex; the works play with elements of flat colour and mark, depth and surface, revealing the process of painting as a series of strategies or components within the visual puzzle of the whole. Bick's paintings contrast hard geometric or bluntly graphic forms with uncertain or dashed-out strokes or patches of scrubbed brushwork. Bick's painting calls into question false opposites; the replete subjectivity of the expressive artist against the anonymous and rationalised objectivity of 'processed-based painting'. His work has been described as 'gently disruptive and purposefully chaotic'. Andrew Bick was born in 1963 in Coleford, Gloucestershire UK. He lives and works in London. He received his BA in painting from the University of Reading, and his MA in painting from the Chelsea School of Art, and has shown extensively in Europe and the U.S.