Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Damien Flood

Damien Flood's work is situated between fact and fiction. The paintings are modern landscapes that reference the history of painting with an underlying fantastical element. A fleeting familiarity can be found in the work that is soon replaced by an ambiguous questioning. Gathering imagery from varied sources, the artist is particularly interested in the research trips of the nineteenth century that explored the oceans and 'new territories'. The illustrations gathered on these voyages evoke an otherworldly feel; although they are of actual plants and creatures, they contain a mystery and scepticism. It is this notion of the undiscovered, the other, the foreign landscape that Flood searches for within his practice.

I seem to be attracted to darker palettes lately, like the colours in Damien Flood's work could be that autumn has arrived. I went to check out Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy the other day, wow it was looked so beautiful too. I would recommend it.