Monday, April 25, 2011

New work

Installation and painting in preparation for my grad show on the 9th of June DIT Portland Row.


  1. Looking Deadly! Gonna be in France that week, but how long is the exhibit running for?

  2. heya, thanks actually not too sure how longs its on for.... ill post it up as soon as I know. Enjoy France! :)

  3. Love your new work eleanor !
    I'm a big fan of Brett Amory too, you should check out a chap named Alex Kanevsky if you don't already know his stuff. Think ya might like him.


  4. hey eleanor
    your work is there already
    super good luck for your grad show ....I really would like to see the shows this year , and will make a point of finding you if I can escape mayo and the kids :)

  5. PART TWO .....
    I always meant to say , thanks so much for posting so many excellent links and posts on other artists eleanor , I really enjoy them xx